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Supercharge your managers

Provide the tools your teams need to do great work and benefit from unique visibility and insights

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Why management is important for your company

Employees leave their company because of bad management
Managers need help or struggle to manage their teams
The average cost of bad management per employee per year
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Roll out a motivating and efficient management culture instantly

Harmonize management rituals

Expert customizable templates available

Visualize company insights

Mood, workload and management insights

Take action with managers

Check-ins, OKRs and feedback tools teams love

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Make sure your teams adopt the best management rituals

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Feedback intensity, employees’ mood and workload: you get the visibility you need
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Build a feedback culture and stronger relationships between team leaders and members

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In just 5 minutes, employees share the right information at the right time with their managers
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Keep an eye on your teams' mood and gain valuable insights

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Managers identify weak signals before they become issues and develop their ownership
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Give your teams the tools they need to follow up efficiently and stay focused on long-term goals

Following up from one conversation to another and updating goals become easy
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Start transforming your management culture today

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What will Popwork bring to my company?

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More Engagement

Well managed teams are up to 70% more engaged than others

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Less Turnover

An engaged employee is 87% more likely to stay with their employer

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Increased Performance

Companies with engaged employees are 1.5x more productive than competitors

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Popwork is a game changer for companies
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Popwork is the solution I recommend to all companies who want to implement best-in class management practices

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Ludovic Girodon
Ludovic Girodon
Author, consultant & coach
Dream Team

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Frequent questions

Is Popwork’s management training certified?
Indeed. To offer the highest quality training, we created Dream Team Academy in partnership with Ludovic Girodon, coach and author of Dream Team, the management bestseller. Our training is Qualiopi certified.
Is the Popwork solution modular?
Correct. You can either roll out the complete Popwork solution (training and platform) or just choose the training or platform. Our team will be happy to consult on the best solution for your company.
How much does Popwork cost?
Popwork is less expensive than dysfunctional management! Book a demo with us to benefit from a managerial audit and receive a tailored quote for your company.
How long is it to set up Popwork for my company?
Popwork is very easy and quick to set up. Our team will help you select the best dates for training and the platform activation. Once the dates are set, our teams take care of everything within a few days.

Start supercharging your team leaders and your management culture today