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Popwork Customer Success Story Avisia
Popwork Customer Success Story Avisia
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Increase employee retention

AVISIA is a Data, Digital & Technology consulting firm. What makes the real value of consulting firms are their expertise and their consultants. In this competitive market, retaining talent is crucial.

By choosing Popwork, AVISIA was able to upskill their managers, roll out regular feedback sessions between managers and consultants, and gain real-time visibility on engagement metrics.

Managing Partner Pascal Bizarri highlights the key role Popwork has played in building and driving a positive and efficient management culture at AVISIA.

  • Popwork's benefits for AVISIA:
  • 🚀 Increased eNPS to +54
  • 🎓 100% managers trained on best practices
  • 🤝 100% employees have regular feedback sessions
  • 🧘 Real-time monitoring of management & engagement metrics
‘‘Popwork is the foundation of our management culture at AVISIA’’
Popwork customer Pascal Bizzari
Pascal Bizzari
Managing Partner, AVISIA
welcome to the jungle logo
Structure and harmonize 1-to-1 meetings across teams

Welcome to the Jungle is the leading job board and media about the future of work. One-to-one meetings already were happening in teams but often lacked structure. As such, top management needed to centralize information, structure conversations and gain visibility on teams’ mood and workload.

Thanks to Popwork, team members can easily share their mood, workload and operational updates with their managers.

Team leads and directors now access all their team information in a single place and benefit from team dashboards to visualize in real-time key indicators.

  • Popwork's benefits for Welcome to the Jungle:
  • ⏱️ Time saved every week
  • 👌 Harmonization of management practices
  • 🚀 Increase in productivity
‘‘ Thanks to Popwork, all our 1-to-1 meetings are meaningful and efficient ’’
Popwork customer Adrien Vicard
Adrien Vicard
Head of Sales, Welcome to the Jungle
Popwork Customer Success Story Welcome to the Jungle
Popwork Customer Success Story Welcome to the Jungle
Popwork Customer Success Story MesDepanneurs.fr
Popwork Customer Success Story MesDepanneurs.fr
Popwork customer MesDepanneurs logo
Gain efficiency and productivity

MesDepanneurs.fr is a French start-up, part of the Engie group. As in any start-up, organization and productivity are crucial. Team leaders were looking for solutions to have clear visibility on their teams and gain efficiency.

By choosing Popwork, MesDepanneurs.fr team leaders have been able to transform their weekly one-to-one meetings into their key team management tool. Weekly meetings are now prepared and team leaders can better help their teams find solutions.

Marketing lead Anaïs Dumond highlights the gain in efficiency for her team as well as the peace of mind they have found thanks to regular Popwork check-ins.

  • Popwork's benefits for MesDepanneurs.fr:
  • 🚀 Gain in team efficiency
  • 🤝 More transparency within teams
  • 🧘 Peace of mind for managers
‘‘Popwork makes us a much more efficient week after week’’
Popwork customer Anais Dumond
Anaïs Dumond
Marketing, Customer experience & Digital Studio Lead, MesDépanneurs.fr
Popwork customer Habitatpresto logo
Give first-time team leaders a management assistant

François Kadziola, HR Director at Habitatpresto, was facing a challenge. The company had grown fast and most team leaders were managing teams for the first time. He was looking for a solution to help any team leader manage their teams better.

With Popwork, he has found a simple turn-key solution to enable team leaders to make the most of 1-to-1 meetings and share regular feedback. In record time, Popwork has upgraded management rituals across all teams.

François finally knows how the Habitatpresto teams are doing in terms of mood, workload and OKRs and that his teams are implementing management best-practices on the day-to-day.

  • Popwork's benefits for Habitatpresto:
  • 🌈 Continuous pulse on mood and workload
  • 🎯 Monitoring of OKRs
  • 💯 Implementation of management best practices
‘‘Popwork is the smart assistant for team managers’’
Popwork customer François Kadziola
François Kadziola
HR & Finance Director, Habitatpresto
Popwork Customer Success Story HabitatPresto
Popwork Customer Success Story HabitatPresto

Roll out management best practices in your company with Popwork

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Taking the pulse

”The key is just to treat your teams how you would like to be treated.” 

Richard Branson
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1-to-1 meetings

”One-to-one meetings can enhance the quality of your team members’ work for two weeks, or for some eighty-plus hours.” 

Andy Grove
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“By clearing the line of sight to everyone’s objectives, OKRs expose redundant efforts and save time and money.” 

John Doerr

Drive more engagement, more performance and reduce employee turnover thanks to Popwork’s management best-practices platform.

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