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A modern format, with seven
2-hours thematic workshops via video conference

Real-life case studies and role-play scenarios for immediate action

Managers share and learn from each other to strengthen cohesion

A training program created by Ludovic Girodon, the author of “Dream Team”

Author of “Dream Team”, the best-selling management book in 2021, 2022, and 2023

Creator of the most followed newsletter on management

A top LinkedIn Voice on management, Ludovic is followed by 100,000 people


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Qualiopi certified training program

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A new way of learning for lasting results

A course with practical and actionable content only, no complex theories!

Sessions are spread out over time and easy to fit into your managers’ schedules

Sessions encourage peer learning to strengthen group cohesion and harmonize practices

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A unique solution to grow your managers' skills

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Thomas Beaugrand
Sourcing & product manager
Air Liquide Logo
Very pragmatic and useful training even after several years of management. Highly recommended.
Balzac paris manager pic
Elisa Cherrier
Quality Team Leader
Balzac paris logo
Great training! I came out of the session with clear processes and turnkey documents to start applying best practices. Great follow up as well.
Nathalie Porto
Sales Team Lead
American Express logo
I really liked the short sessions format. Being able to learn with other managers - in a safe environment - is a real plus.

Discover the training program

Servant leadership

session 1

Servant leadership

Durée 2h

Duration 2h

The first session is designed to get acquainted, establish the framework of the training, and begin working on one's managerial stance. Times for individual reflection and subgroup discussions encourage a step back to assess the kind of manager one currently is and to keep in mind their main areas of improvement.
Leading your team on the day to day

session 2

Leading your team on the day to day

Durée 2h

Duration 2h

One of the roles of a manager is to understand what's going on in their team members' minds to be as helpful as possible. For this, they need to spend quality time with each individual. Therefore, the ritual of one-on-one meetings is essential, provided that it's done right. The goal of this session is to share the best practices to make these meetings as effective and impactful as possible.
Tailor your communication to your team

session 3

Tailor your communication to your team

Durée 2h

Duration 2h

A team is made up of different people, all with their own unique personalities and needs. When we talk to each other, how we say something can matter even more than what we're actually saying. This workshop uses the DISC methodology. It helps you figure out what your personality is like and that of your teammates too. The session also gives you keys to adapt and personalize your communication.
The art of feedback

session 4

The art of feedback

Durée 2h

Duration 2h

The feeling of being underappreciated is all too common in our businesses. This session aims to provide concrete tips for better valuing our team members. There is also a special focus on the concept of feedback, an often mishandled tool that can be incredibly effective when used properly.
Coach and grow your teams

session 5

Coach and grow your teams

Durée 2h

Duration 2h

A great manager is one who focuses on the growth of their team members. To achieve this, adopting a coach-like approach is essential. This session will cover various topics such as adopting a supportive stance, the ability to ask the right questions, empowering team members, and mastering the art of delegation.
Optimize your time and your team’s

session 6

Optimize your time and your team’s

Durée 2h

Duration 2h

The number one problem for managers is the lack of time. It is therefore essential to focus on this issue in order to regain control and be less subjected to it. This session aims to share practical techniques to waste less time in meetings, become more efficient when dealing with emails, and establish the right routines to win this race against the clock.
Collective intelligence workshop

session 7

Collective intelligence workshop

Durée 2h

Duration 2h

The final session is conducted in two parts. First, through a collective intelligence workshop, it addresses personalized issues faced by the participants. The second part aims to reflect on the entire cycle that was followed so that each participant can define their action plan for the next six months and apply the content of the training.
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Author, consultant & coach
Ludovic Girodon is a recognized management expert. Author of the book Dream Team, he is also a speaker and has trained several hundred managers.
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Popwork is a SaaS solution to deploy a positive and efficient management culture. It enables great management rituals and reveals unique insights for companies and their managers.
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